Episode #20: Live and at a Concert

In this very special episode of Just The Tip, Amy and Paul crank it to eleven to discuss attending musical performances.

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  • This episode features the musical stylings of friend-of-the-show Theme Song Todd.

  • Watch Barry Manilow sing his jingles. It is truly terrible television!

  • When Weezer covered Barry Manilow’s State Farm jingle, however, it was great!

  • Amy’s awkward interaction with Rivers Cuomo was covered in Episode #2, “Pete Rose’s Underpants”.

  • They Might Be Giants, along with John Hodgman, provide verification of the former existence of “The Electric Banana”.

  • Consult your local Wikipedia for information on moshing.

  • Here is an amazing photograph showing what it looks like when Amy meets Weezer:

    Amy Jane meeting Weezer

    Photograph courtesy A. Gruber.

  • Amy Jane Gruber, front and center at a Weezer show, as seen on the official concert CD:

    Amy Jane at Weezer

    Photograph courtesy A. Gruber.

  • Why doesn’t everyone get personal checks like this?

    Amy Jane's Pizza Checks

    Photograph courtesy A. Gruber.

  • OK Go’s famous treadmill video for their song “Here It Goes Again”.

  • OK Go’s confetti really is non-flammable!

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First Aired: Monday, September 22nd, 2014