Episode #19: A Cold Steak in the Shower

In this very special episode of Just The Tip, Amy and Paul chow down on some leftovers.

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  • Today’s episode features a reheated listener-submitted theme song from friend-of-the-show Theme Song Todd, first used way back in Episode #6, “Shorts Friends”.

  • Philly cheesesteaks may feature gross “cheese”.

  • Only Wynn restaurants in Las Vegas (as mentioned in Episode #12 “Never Take the Tunnel”) serve real Kobe beef. They’ve even got a trophy!

  • It’s a myth that Kobe cows get massages, but this Kobe definitely does.

  • Sally Struthers for the Christian Children’s Fund.

  • Victor Kiam liked the Remington shaver so much, he bought the company.

  • Meanwhile, Sy Sperling was not only the Hair Club president. He was also a client.

  • Holy crap, gum disease and heart disease are related.

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First Aired: Monday, September 15th, 2014