Episode #12: Never Take the Tunnel

In this very special episode of Just The Tip, Amy and Paul discuss the biggest little city in the world, Las Vegas.

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  • This episode features still more of the musical stylings of friend-of-the-show Theme Song Todd.

  • Three of the four Mexican Elvises:

    3 of the 4 Mexican Elvises

    Photograph courtesy A. Gruber.

  • The fascinating life of Steve Wynn.

  • Steve Wynn’s forty million dollar elbow.

  • The official scale of Vegas drunkenness:

    • Level 1: Tipsy

    • Level 2: Heels in Hand

    • Level 3: Wheelchair Wasted

    • Level 4: Wheelchair Wasted With A Bag

    • Level 5: Stretcher Wasted

    • Level 6: Dead

  • The nightmarish giant goddamned singing frog:

    The frog

    Photograph courtesy P. Kafasis.

  • A horrifying video of the aforementioned frog in action.

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First Aired: Monday, September 23rd, 2013