Episode #30: Extra Pieces, All Balls

In this very special episode, Amy and Paul discuss jigsaw puzzles.

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  • Amy’s very thoughtful gift, (nearly) completed:

    Home Sweet Home puzzle

    Photograph courtesy P. Kafasis.

  • The word “whimsy” originates, of course, as an irregular form of the word “whim-wham”.

  • How the wine-in-a-box sausage is made.

  • The seal puzzle, with its terrible contrast:

    Terrible contrast seal puzzle

    Photograph courtesy P. Kafasis.

  • A more acceptable form of Seal clubbing:

    Seal, clubbing

  • Ze Frank provides us with “True Facts About the Duck”.

  • This Waldo puzzle is a great thing to give to a puzzle-loving acquaintance who you don’t like very much.

    Terrible waldo puzzle

  • Online sexy puzzles are a thing, albeit a really dumb (and slightly NSFW) thing.

  • Power through your jigsaw puzzles thanks to the increased blood flow to your brain provided by this secret weapon, used by all the top puzzlers.

  • “Impossibles” puzzles are the perfect gift for someone you hate.

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First Aired: Monday, December 15th, 2014