Episode #23: Hot in the Crotch

In this very special episode, Amy and Paul have a serious discussion on the subject of venereal disease.

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  • For more information on donating platelets, please see this link. Never let it be said that Just The Tip doesn’t give back to the community.

  • GetRidOfThings.com presents getting rid of crabs, with a nit comb (and more). Crabs and head lice? Different. Crab comb and head lice comb? The same!

  • Brazilian bikini waxes are making crab lice an endangered species.

  • The King of Pop, Michael Jackson, re-enacts Paul’s VD slideshow viewing:

    Michael Jackson eating popcorn

  • Stephen Colbert re-enacts Paul’s VD slideshow viewing, which was thankfully not in 3-D:

    Stephen Colbert eating popcorn

  • The World War II poster in question:


  • Dr. Scholl was really a doctor, and he never married. Perhaps he had VD?

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First Aired: Monday, October 20th, 2014