Episode #15: Inaudible Air Quotes

In the riveting season finale of Just The Tip, Amy and Paul discuss quirks.

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  • This episode features an appropriately heartrending theme song courtesy of friend-of-the-show Theme Song Todd.

  • More than you ever wanted to know about drinking straws.

  • Amy’s straw of choice, IKEA’s Sommarfint.

  • A completely reliable source from the Internet, verifying that Taco Bell’s “meat” comes from garbage bags:

    ”Taco Bell does…use the lowest quality of meat possible, which also makes it the most affordable. From the information I found, the beef is shipped to locations in 12×8″ clear plastic bags which come in boxes of roughly 20 bags or so. The meat is pre-cooked, and reheated using boiling water. After it’s heated the bag is split open and the meat is put into large metal containers and scooped out as needed.”

  • Someone else’s photo of a gum-cuttin‘ Wynn toothbrush. The Internet is amazing!

    A gum-cutting Wynn toothbrush

    Image via unseeliequeen.

  • E-ZPass is an electronic toll-collection system in the Northeastern United States.

  • The Fracture Photo Swap™ is a joint trademark of Fracture, Inc and Just The Tip Enterprises, LLC. Play it with your friends!

  • That’s it for season one, but we’ll be back for season two in 2014. To get word of the beginning of season two, be sure to follow us on Twitter or subscribe via iTunes or RSS. Stay tuned!

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First Aired: Monday, October 21st, 2013